Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pathologist?

A: A pathologist is a medical doctor specializing in the study of cells, tissue, and disease. A pathologist will examine any tissues or fluids that may be removed during an office or hospital procedure/surgery. A written report of the pathologist’s findings and diagnosis is an important part of your medical record and will be used to guide your further treatment. (The pathologists associated with Seacoast Pathology are also trained in nuclear medicine and may be the physicians interpreting your nuclear medicine scan.)

Q: Why am I receiving a bill from Seacoast Pathology and another laboratory for the same service?

A: Seacoast Pathology physicians examine your specimen(s) and produce a written report of their findings. This segment of your care, known as the professional component, is the portion for which we are billing. The other laboratory/hospital is billing you for the preparation and processing of your specimen(s). That segment of your care is called the technical com ponent.

Q: Will my insurance pay for Seacoast Pathology laboratory services?

A: Yes. In most cases, your insurance carrier will cover either all or a portion of the bill. If you have any questions regarding your insurance policy or coverage for a specific procedure, please contact your insurance carrier. If you are not certain whether your insurance was billed, or if you have any questions concerning payment, for dates of service before June 1st, 2008 please call our billing office at US +1-800-831-1190-Call. (If outside of New England, dial US +1-603-673-9411-Call.) For dates of service after June 1st, 2008, please contact our new billing department at 1.888.208.6228.